This Stray Kids Member May Have The Cutest And Goofiest Baby Photos In K-Pop History

Can you guess who it is??

There are photos of a particular Stray Kids member circulating online and let’s just say, the photos are absolute gold! Can you guess which member it is with just a few hints? Let’s take a look!

1. This cutie was a child model when he was younger

| @realstraykids/Instagram

Just look at that perfect toothy smile! We cannot get over the multicolored hat, bright yellow polo and his amazingly casual hand-on-the-head pose. Look at how comfortable he looks working it for the camera. We can see why he was a child model at his young age!

2. His special talent is singing trot

| @realstraykids/Instagram

Trot music is a very particular genre in South Korea. It is usually loved by elders due to its repetitive music and fun vocal inflections. Trot songs are not the easiest to sing since you need to have the funky personality and talent for it. Based on this photo alone, however, it seems that this Stray Kids member was naturally born with the personality for it!

3. His nickname is “desert fox”

| @realstraykids/Instagram

This Stray Kids member has many attractive features, but his most appealing physical feature would definitely have to be his eyes. His charismatic eyes, which are big and unique are definitely his attribute that stand out the most! His nickname, desert fox is very fitting since they both have similar eye shapes. This is probably why it surprised absolutely no one when it became his nickname years later.

4. He has had braces for over 2 years

| Nate

The last h.I.N.t would be that this member was pretty famous for having braces for a long time. He was frequently photographed smiling big with his braces on, melting the hearts of all their fans everywhere. Regarding his smile, however, this member thinks that he looks scary when he doesn’t smile. From these clues, do you guys know who it is??

The Stray Kids member who is responsible for these adorable baby photos is none other than….the group’s maknae I.N!

| @realstraykids/Instagram

His handsome looks really haven’t changed much, especially considering that he looks pretty much the same as when he was younger. He went from looking absolutely adorable to absolutely dashing! His perfect skin and charming eyes are still very present in his older self.

Who would have thought that having braces could look this adorable! Braces or not, I.N manages to look good with whatever he wears. Just look at that gold winning smile!

How did you guys do? Did you get it right?!

Source: Nate

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