20+ Must-See Moments From Stray Kids’ 2nd World Tour “Maniac” Concerts In Atlanta

They went all out!

Stray Kids performed their highly anticipated concerts in Atlanta on March 22 and 23 at State Farm Arena as part of their 2nd World Tour “Maniac” after rescheduling their July 3 concert last year when Felix, Lee Know, and I.N tested positive for COVID-19.

Stray Kids in Atlanta Day 2 | JYP Entertainment

Whether you were there or not, simply want to relive it, or would like to live vicariously, here are 20+ must-see moments from the 2-day Atlanta concerts…

1. Waffle House supremacy


it was stays mission to get them to a waffle house 😭😂 #straykids #wafflehouse #maniactour2023 #straykidsatlanta #chan #felix

♬ Waffle House (feat. SmackWater) – MarloDaMartian

2. These adorable ChanLix moments

3. I.N’s cover of “Creep” by Radiohead

4. Say what?

5. Bang Chan and Lee Know during “Mixtape : Time Out”

6. Seungmin smiling while performing

7. Just them being cute AF during “FAM”

8. Who can blame them?

9. Lee Know vibing

10. The strip show


thank you for that skz 😳 @jypestraykids #straykidsinsydney #straykidsmaniactour #maniactour #skz #skzfyp #straykids #chan #bangchan

♬ original sound – emma


well, it’s day two of delulu i guess #jypestraykids #straykids #stay #bangchan #chan #christopher #straykidsstay #maniacworldtour #maniactour #straykidstour #straykidsedit #stayfyp

♬ Victory Song – Stray Kids

11. “All I Do Is Win” cover

12. The band’s biggest fans

13. Happy birthday, Hyunjin!

14. Changbin teasing STAYs


CHANGBIN !!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT !!!!!!!!!!! R U DOING TO ME !!!!!!!!! #straykids #straykidsatlanta #skzatlanta

♬ original sound – lindsay

15. Add a little spice…

16. “DOODLE” by Changbin

17. Bang Chan’s G-Rated “Forget You” cover

18. “SUPER BOARD” live

19. That stage design is next level.

20. Heartfelt fan project for their 5th anniversary

21. Bang Chan’s wholesome response to being called “Best Leader”

22. Seungmin making us all cry by singing “See You Again” as they leave

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