“Street Woman Fighter” Teams Take On K-Con — Get To Know Each Team Here

We have a couple of CEOs in the house!

Street Woman Fighter is fast becoming one of Mnet‘s most successful variety shows. The show received so much love that they invited the teams to join KCON:TACT, KCON‘s virtual festival in place of the regualr KCON that used to take place before COVID-19. Get to know each of the teams as you marvel at their beauty at the photo wall!

1. Coca N Butter

Did you know that Coca N Butter’s name used to be different? Their name was original CocainButter, but they had to change it for the sake of the show as Cocain sounded too similar to the drug. The team is led by RIHEY, and consists of other members Gaga, Bicky, Jetsun and Jillin. Jillin was unable to attend due to her job as a nurse.


Led by TikTok star and dance teacher AIKI, the team consists of her students, ODD, Hyowoo, Yebon, Sung Jiyeon, RAGEON and Seon Yoonkyung. The reason they all wore pink wigs for the global evaluation segment was to mask the identity of the members, so that they would not be simply overshadowed by AIKI’s popularity.


A talented crew lead by Gabee, the team consists of Peanut, Rian, Simeez and H-1. Most of them are all businesswomen as well as dancers. Gabee runs a falsies business, Simeez a heels shop for dancers and Rian runs a clothing shop online. They have also choreographed for many popular idols including CLC and Chungha.


Led by veteran dancer Honey J, this is hew new crew after she split from CocaNButter. The name was famously approved by Jay Park, who’s Honey J’s business partner and longtime friend. They consist of Eevee, Hertz, Taro, Jane, LoA, Belle, Backa and Mull.


Monika and Lip J take the lead here. The team is sourced from students that attend Monica and Lip J’s dance academy. They consist of Kayday, Ham G, DIA, Rosy and Hyeily. Kayday used to be an idol trainee before making the switch. Monika and Lip J are close friends that live together.


Dancer Noze was famous for being the pretty dancer on EXO Kai‘s “Mmmh” stages. She went viral for her visuals and amazing dance skills. While she taught regular dance classes up to recently, her fame has packed her schedule and she announced she would be unable to continue regular classes until further notice. The rest of her crew consists of Ansso, Gyurian, Leesu and Dolla.


WANT is all famous in their own right! Hyojin Choi established herself as a dancer and teacher through 1 MILLION Studios and even was a judge on dancing shows such as Dancing Nine and more. Lee Chaeyeon made her name as part of IZ*ONE while Rozalin rose in popularity after she choreographed parts to aespa‘s “Next Level”. Emma was a TikToker before she moved to Korea to pursue dance while Moana teaches at a dance academy.

8. YGX

Last but not least, YGX! Lee Jung rose to fame for her brilliant choreography. Did you know she choreographed many works including ITZY‘s famous shoulder dance? YELL is one of Korea’s best B-girls as well, having won the Olympics for the genre. The rest of the team consists of ISAK, Jihyo and Yeojin.

Which team is your favorite?

Source: theqoo