STUDIO CHOOM’s Top 10 Most Viewed Boy Group Performances Of 2020

#1 won by a landslide.

STUDIO CHOOM is a specialized K-Pop channel that showcases idols’ choreography with close-up, high definition performances. Here are the top 10 most viewed boy group performances throughout all of 2020!


One of SEVENTEEN’s two performances that made the list was “HOME;RUN” which reached 3.3M views.

9. “Given-Taken” (ENHYPEN)

Rookie groups ENHYPEN made their mark on the top 10 with “Given-Taken,” reaching 3.7M views.

8. “Runaway” — Dance Break Ver. (TXT)

“Runaway” was the first of TXT’s many performances to make the top 10 of 2020 with 4.5M views.

7. “Not By The Moon” (GOT7)

One of GOT7’s two performances on the list was “Not By The Moon,” reaching 5.5M views.

6. “PUMA” (TXT)

TXT’s “PUMA” took spot number 6 and climbed to over 6M views.

5. “Answer” (ATEEZ)

ATEEZ entered the top 10 with “Answer” at 6.8M views.

4. “Poison” (GOT7)

The numbers began to climb with #4 where GOT7’s “Poison” reached 8.1M views.

3. “Left & Right” (SEVENTEEN)

SEVENTEEN’s performance of “Left & Right” gave them a second spot in the top 10, reaching 9.5M views.

2. “Can’t You See Me?” (TXT)

This charismatic performance reached over 9.9M views.

1. “God’s Menu” (Stray Kids)

Stray Kids took the number one spot with “God’s Menu” which reached over 24M views, more than doubling second place!

Check out the full ranking video below!