Suga Once Drew BTS’s Sleeping Positions, And It’s Hilariously Accurate

Suga knows everything about his members, even their sleeping habits.

Nobody knows BTS better than BTS. That includes their sleeping habits! At a past fan sign, a fan asked Suga to draw each of his members’ sleeping postures. Although many people, including BTS, change the way they sleep over time, Suga’s doodles have come to life many times!

1. RM

Suga drew RM huddled under a blanket with only his head showing.

His doodle gets an A+ for accuracy!

2. Jin

Suga drew Jin lying with one hand tucked under his head.

Cameras have captured Jin sleeping this way in real life and during photo shoots. He looks so comfy!

3. J-Hope

For J-Hope, Suga didn’t draw a pose. Instead, he wrote down one of J-Hope’s sleeping habits: “saying weird things.”

Sleep talk might make it hard for J-Hope’s roommates to sleep, but how can anyone get mad when he looks this cute?

4. V

According to Suga, sleeps while cuddling with a pillow…

…and the evidence supports his claim!

5. Jungkook

BTS’s energetic maknae can’t keep still, even in his sleep. According to Suga, Jungkook sleeps sprawled out like a starfish…

…unless, that is, there’s a hyung to snuggle.

6. Suga and Jimin

On the Post-It, Suga did not draw Jimin because, according to some fans, it’s because he and Jimin have the same sleeping pose: curled up on their sides.

Yawn! Who needs a nap now?