Heechul’s Instagram Shows Just How Much He’s Always Loved Momo

Here’s a look at their friendship-turned-romance through Heechul’s Instagram.

Super Junior‘s Heechul and TWICE‘s Momo are the first idol couple of 2020! Although their relationship just became official, it’s clear that Momo has been one of Heechul’s favorite people for years. Here’s a look at their friendship-turned-romance through Heechul’s Instagram.


1. June 17, 2016

Heechul posted his first selfie with Momo with lyrics from TWICE’s “Cheer Up”: “Stop begging, I’m not going anywhere, I’ll be your baby. #stopbegging #twice #momo.”


Fun fact: Momo is the second female idol Heechul posted a selfie with on Instagram. The first, taken with Red Velvet‘s Irene, was posted on June 16, 2016.


2. July 27, 2016

Heechul posted the legendary interaction that started it all! Caption: “At this point, I wouldn’t have any regrets even if I was dropped from the show. #momo #stopbegging #nikonikoni”


3. November 7, 2016

Momo and Heechul both guested in Episode 11 of Flower Crew. Heechul posted this group photo with the caption, “11 PM tonight SBS <Flower Crew> #FlowerCrew #ThankYou #Staff #YouWillBeBlessed #LoveYou.” 


4. November 18, 2016

Days later, Heechul posted another behind the scenes photo with Momo, this time from Knowing Bros. In his caption, Heechul encouraged viewers to watch the episode.


5. May 20, 2017

Shippers had to wait a whole six months for Heechul’s next post with Momo, but it was worth the wait!


6. November 17, 2017

These adorable selfies radiate “power couple” energy. It’s no wonder why shippers had their fingers crossed! Caption: “Momo’s a baby~ #stopbegging #agencyofmyheart”


7. November 3, 2018

One year later, Heechul posted his most recent Momo post: a video, promoting TWICE’s hit song “Yes or Yes”. Will Heechul post his first “official couple” selfie with Momo? Let’s hope so!

TWICE's Momo And Heechul's Relationship