Survey Reveals The 4 Songs That Made Korean Fans Join The NCT Fandom

If you aren’t a fan, here’s the ones that drew new NCTzens in.

NCT debuted in 2016, making their debut with units NCT U, NCT 127, and NCT Dream. In 2020, the already sizable group added another unit: WayV. With over twenty members and countless songs of different styles, there’s more than enough to cater to everyone’s tastes.

Yet, there’s nothing like the first song that really catches a fan’s attention and makes them become a fan. Based on a survey by the K-Pop fandom app Blip, it revealed the four NCT songs that made Korean fans swerve into the NCTzen lane.

4. NCT Dream — “BOOM”

Taking the fourth spot is NCT Dream’s 2019 release from their mini-album We Boom. Taking on a more mature sound, the group’s title track “BOOM” beat out other tracks to take in 10% of the votes. Not only were the album and song successful on the charts, but it also managed to rake in new NCTzens that were loving their growth from children into young men.

3. NCT Dream — “We Go Up”

As the only unit to make the list twice, NCT Dream didn’t only draw in fans from their mature style. Through their colorful and youthful side in 2018’s “We Go Up” from their mini-album of the same name, they gained another 10% of fans’ votes as the song that drew them into the NCT fandom.

2. NCT 127 — “Kick It”

Out of all the title tracks NCT 127 released over the years, 2020’s “Kick It” from their second full-length album Neo Zone was an absolute crowd-pleaser. If other idols and groups were covering the song left and right, no wonder 20% of fans were brought into the NCT life (no pun intended) because of it. If a new fan needed a song that encompassed their sound in one shot, the badass “Kick It” would undoubtedly be it.

1. NCT U — “BOSS”

If you’ve made it this far, the top song is an NCT U one that should be all too familiar. When anyone hears the name NCT, especially NCT U, whether they’re a typical K-Pop fan or an idol, “BOSS” is the iconic song that everyone knows. Though released in the full-length album NCT 2018 Empathy, it earned the largest percentage of votes with 30%. It’s the song that had everyone’s eyes focused on NCT.

Source: Naver