18 Looks Rocked By Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon On “Amazing Saturday” That Prove She Can Pull Off Anything

We are Taeyeon-thusiasts.

Half the fun of variety show Amazing Saturday is seeing what outfits the cast will come dressed in every week! With a different theme each episode, the cast often dresses up in costumes we’d not get to see them in elsewhere. Here are 18 of the hottest looks by Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon on the show.

1. Greek Goddess

The delicate peach chiffon organza makes her look like an elegant goddess.

2. Classic luxury

The crystal-studded hairband looks like a tiara.

3. Badass biker

Although she’s as cute as a button, she rocks the biker jacket and choker combination.

4. Teddy bear

We’d love to get our hands on that adorable hat.

5. Nerdy-chic

She looks like a professor in that blazer.

6. Merry Christmas!

Not everyone can pull off bright red eye-shadow.

7. The drunk look

A trending makeup in Japan, Taeyeon’s eyes and cheeks were heavily accentuated with blush.

8. Vintage flapper

This reminds us of “Lion Heart”.

9. Preppy

Blair Waldorf who?

10. M’lady

We love Taeyeon in this old-school classic look.

11. Suits galore

Reminiscent of “Mr Mr”.

12. Our pilot

She can fly our plane any day.

13. Spring bride

She looks lovely in a white dress and flower garland.

14. Parisian chic

We love the pageboy hat.

15. European princess

That lace detail!

16. What a cutie

We’re not sure what the concept was, but any chance to see Taeyeon in animal ears and we’ll take it.

17. Gone with the wind

Was this a nod to the ages-old tale?

18. Senõrita

We love the pop of red.

Which look from Taeyeon did you like the most?

Source: theqoo

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