Take Your Pick: Which of These 5 “Hospital Playlist” Couples Do You Ship?

As always, we give you option 6. All of the above. 😉

tvN‘s most heartwarming medical K-Drama Hospital Playlist is ceaselessly charming the viewers — with every episode packed with so much story happening among 5 BFF doctors who save lives, and each other, together. And, as dubbed the Korean version of Grey’s Anatomy, this series also boasts some ship-worthy love interests in the brewing. Here are the top 5 “love lines” on which the viewers are betting all their money. Do you have a favorite couple? As always, we give you option 6. All of the above. 😉

1. The Dove Couple

When Dr. Lee Ik Joon’s younger sister  Lee Ik Soon (played by actress Kwak Sun Young) sent a tissue dove flying into his heart like a cupid’s arrow, the cardio attending Dr. Kim Joon Wan (played by actor Jung Kyung Ho) learned the meaning of true love. His most straight-forward “confession” in episode 5 — marked by the iconic line, “Will you date this oppa?” — had viewers screaming for the following week, as they waited for episode 6.

2. The Winter Garden Couple

The one-and-only, thus cherished, general surgery resident Jang Gyeo Wool (played by actress Shin Hyun Bin) has a massive crush on the pediatric attending Dr. Ahn Jung Won (played by actor Yoo Yeon Seok). Their names, Gyeo Wool meaning winter and Jung Won meaning garden, already hint that they are soulmates. Will the otherwise indifferent Dr. Ahn finally open up to the hard-working Dr. Jang? Or will his long-time dream of becoming a priest stop this love story from ever coming true?

3. The OBGYN Couple

At first, the OBGYN resident Chu Min Ha (played by actress Ahn Eun Jin) thought her attending Dr. Yang Seok Hyung (played by actor Kim Dae Myung) to be the most insensitive, socially awkward, and mama’s boy mentor to have. But as more bits and pieces of Dr. Yang’s rather unfortunate past gets revealed, Dr. Chu can’t help seeing him in a whole new light. In every episode, Dr. Chu learns more about Dr. Yang — and the more she knows, the more she falls.

4. The 99z Couple

Dr. Lee Ik Joon (played by actor Jo Jung Suk) and Dr. Chae Song Hwa (played by actress Jeon Mi Do) have been friends forever. Since their very first interaction at the medical school admission interview, Dr. Chae and Dr. Lee have been fond for each other — or so is hinted. Now that Dr. Chae has dumped her cheating boyfriend and that Dr. Lee has signed the divorce papers, will these two give fate a try? Or will their decade of friendship be too precious to risk?

5. The Neuro Couple

Up against Dr. Lee Ik Joon is the diligent neuro resident Ahn Chi Hong (played by actor Kim Joon Han). Pursuing any medical drama’s most classic attending-and-resident romance-at-the-workplace, Dr. Ahn tells Dr. Chae about his feelings — with a meaningful pair of shoes as a gift. Though initially turned down, he continues to be respectful and patient with Dr. Chae, leaving the “shippers” hopeful that she will soon see the worth in him.