9 Times TARGET Proved That They Are The Kings Of K-Pop TikTok And You Should Stan

🎯You’re not on K-Pop TikTok if you don’t know TARGET🎯

Many people have just recently come to discover K-Pop boy group called TARGET although they debuted three years ago. They are now getting the attention of international K-Pop fans thanks to TikTok. The group under KJ Music Entertainment (formerly JSL Company) currently contains six members, G.I, Zeth, Hyun, Roi, Boun, and Woojin.

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Recently, the maknae, Woojin has been especially active on the app, participating in the latest dance trends. He’s also the group’s lead rapper and dancer!

Woojin | KJ Music Entertainment

Lately, the algorithm has been in their favor. If you’re a K-Pop fan on TikTok, you’ve probably seen at least one of their videos by now. With so many of the comments on the videos being about whether or not this is a genius marketing tactic from the store Target, the members are now so self-aware about the group’s name. They have the best responses to their new fans. Here are our top 9+ favorite TikTok captions courtesy of TARGET (the idol group, not the store).

1. When Woojin got Instagram


#휴지심여행 #타겟 #우진 #바보영상 #TARGET #WOOJIN #funny Hi guys !!I made my own instagram account! Here’s my id👉 @Wooji_nii 👈

♬ original sound – goalsounds

Since Woojin got Instagram last year, he has been promoting his account like it’s his job. 😂

2. When they clarified they’re not a store


We’re the Kpop Idol group Target, not the store Target! lol 마지막 표정 😂😂 my instagram 👉 wooji_nii

♬ Vroom Vroom – Gwendolyn_Takapu

They’re so self-aware! It’s now an ongoing joke in a lot of their captions that they are not a store. 🎯


Hi, I’m Woojin. Our group name is Target. not the store target !!!😂 my instagram 👉 👉wooji_nii

♬ Pump It x Rodeo – DJ TVMPO

3. The fans are not customers


Hi! We’re the K-Pop Idol group Target. Our fandom name is Wonnie, not customers, because we’re not the store Target 🥴🤣my instagram 👉 wooji_nii 👈

♬ When I Get There (With Kirk Franklin Interlude) – Kirk Franklin

When new fans first discovered TARGET’s TikTok account, they wondered if they are to be called “customers.”🛍️Woojin corrected that they are actually known as “Wonnie.”

4. Clickbait to promote


Hey!! Stop!!! Can you geuss what country i’m from? 😘✌️The answer is on Instagram😂 my instagram ID 👉👉 wooji_nii

♬ Thanks for using my sound – mind your business ❤️

Woojin is just trying to grow the following, even if that means using some clickbait in the process.

5. Walmart vs. Target


Even if you go to Walmart, I can’t give you any spoilers😂. my instagram ID👉👉👉wooji_nii

♬ оригинальный звук – idleonplay221

Fans began making ironic edits of Woojin dancing in front of stores, specifically Walmart, creating a whole new meme. Some even comment to “stan Walmart.” Of course, Woojin then responded to this in his next TikTok.


We are target! I’m woojin and not the store target i want to go to walmart 😂 my instagram here 👉 wooji_nii 👈 follow me :)

♬ オリジナル楽曲 – Hoodie fam – 🕺🏼Hoodie fam🌏

Now he’s curious about the store and is ready to risk it all to go to Walmart. 👀

6. Patience please!


Actually, We’re working on a comeback song. But We can’t tell you about it yet 😭 so I trying to promote myself🔥 so follow my ig 👉 wooji_nii 👍☺️plz

♬ original sound – Edits 🔮✨

Followers noticed that the members usually dance to popular songs on the app rather than their own. Woojin addressed it, saying that he’s just trying to promote himself until he can share more about TARGET’s comeback. 🙏🏻

7. Helping you pick your bias


Sorry..bro😂 If you’re curious about our Instagram ID, here 👇👇👇. bucket hat📍gi_6to5 / blonde📍wooji_nii

♬ Thanks for using my sound – mind your business ❤️

The members low-key are trying to help new fans identify their bias with these captions.

8. Caption Experts


Instagram ID (caption expert) 👇👇😂. Blue sexy boy 💙👉 wooji_nii Red sexy boy❤️👉 trgt_roi

♬ The Dance Song – Sione Taholo

Woojin owns the fact that he is the Caption Expert.

9. Woojin claimed his crown


The most active idol on TikTok that’s me !! Instagram id 👉 wooji_nii

♬ dc mahakhamidd – Mahak Hamid

Not only is he an expert when it comes to captions, Woojin just might be the most active idol on TikTok. Here’s your crown, king. 👑

Since TARGET’s debut, they have released a couple of albums. Their last release was in 2019 with “BABY COME BACK HOME,” which you can check out below.

We’re looking forward to their next comeback.

Source: Stone Music Entertainment
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