10+ Photos of TWICE Mina’s Runway Ready Airport Fashion

Mina doesn’t need to be on a runway to strut her stuff!

We consider all of the members of TWICE to be gorgeous ladies, but we have to give a special shoutout to Mina for her runway-ready airport fashion.

Mina totally gives off a vibe of “classic beauty” who always looks like she’s about to head to Paris or Milan for a modeling gig.

Here are some of our favorite model-esque looks that Mina pulls off:

1) Mina’s Back in Black with this sleeveless top and striped skirt combo:

2) Mina’s got us “green” with envy with this green ribbed top and black cocktail dress pairing.

3) Mina’s in “full bloom” with this flower inspired ensemble:

4) Mina doesn’t care about her “bad reputation” with this rock n’ roll inspired outfit:

5. Mina’s ferocious in fur with this leopard-print inspired getup:

Bonus: Mina’s ready for her closeup with this Fashion Week inspired look: