10+ Times SEVENTEEN’s Choreography Made Us Wonder If They’re Synchronized Robots

SEVENTEEN is all about that sync.

Since their debut in 2015, SEVENTEEN have been throned as K-Pop’s most “In-Sync Idol Group”, absolutely beloved for their completely harmonized choreography performances. Here are 10+ times SEVENTEEN’s dance moves were in such impeccable synchronization that Carats couldn’t help but wonder if they’re robots programmed to bust out these moves in such togetherness – while looking and sounding amazing too!


1. “Adore U”

SEVENTEEN debuted with “Adore U” which featured some unique dance moves that looked especially cool when all thirteen members pulled them off. That includes this ending pose of everyone except Mingyu falling to the ground. As soon as SEVENTEEN began promoting on music shows, boasting their 200% sync-ed choreography, they became the most noteworthy rookies in the industry!


2. “Mansae”

“Mansae” – which actually means to throw your hands up in the air – made Carats do exactly that with its funky fresh beats. When SEVENTEEN released “Mansae”, they were set on maintaining their reputation as K-Pop’s new “in-sync idol group” – so their choreography became even more complicated, making full use of all thirteen members to build astonishing formations and position changes.


3. “Pretty U”

“Pretty U” became sensational in the K-Pop scene for its musical-like, storytelling choreography. All the while being cute, the choreography included some moves that required SEVENTEEN to stay in-sync and the members managed to make it look flawless!


4. “Very Nice”

“Very Nice” is forever a favorite for a lot of Carats, not only for its super energizing sound but also the fun choreography. The way SEVENTEEN members stomp forward to the song’s beat in an impeccable level of synchronization will always leave the viewers completely satisfied.


5. “Boom Boom”

By the time SEVENTEEN released “Boom Boom”, the members had pretty much perfected the art of dancing in absolute synchronization. The choreography for “Boom Boom” features a lot of symmetry – which made it even more visually pleasing to watch. Carats, to this day, still remain entirely fascinated by how SEVENTEEN members jump so high, so feather light.


6. “Don’t Wanna Cry”

SEVENTEEN wowed all K-Pop fans with their mesmerizing “swaying” and “buzzing” choreography in “Don’t Wanna Cry”. While being a more mellow paced song and dance, SEVENTEEN still got to show off their total synchronization! With this beautifully coordinated choreography, SEVENTEEN won Mnet Asian Music Award’s “Best Dance Performance – Male Group” award in 2017.


7. “CLAP”

The choreography for “CLAP”, which became viral again by being featured on the recent PRODUCE X 101 program, has always been lit. Hoshi, SEVENTEEN’s incredible choreographer, may have mentioned that he made the “CLAP” dance relatively easier for the fans to learn and move along – but the brave spirited Carats who tried became painfully aware that Hoshi overestimated them.



For many Carats, “THANKS” choreography is considered one of their most graceful ones with a lot of fluidity in the transitions. It is also one of the most creative choreographies done by SEVENTEEN, as it incorporates sign language into the dance moves.


9. “Oh My!”

SEVENTEEN’s “Oh My!” choreography had Carats screaming, “Ooooooh my!” By this point in their career, SEVENTEEN members have 100% perfected their teamwork and magic of how to stay in sync – even while pulling off the most complicated formations. Their visuals had blossomed too and Carats felt so thoroughly blessed by every stage they completed.


10. “Home”

The most thrilling part of “Home” choreography might be what Carats have nicknamed the “Triple Axel” part. SEVENTEEN had already mastered the art of dancing in synchronization – so nothing was going to stop them from spinning three times mid-air, in perfect harmony, in exact positions each time. If that level of uniformity does not impress you, what will?


11. “HIT”

SEVENTEEN’s “HIT” Choreography Is 200% In Sync And Super Satisfying To Watch

Last, but definitely the most extreme, is SEVENTEEN’s latest song, “HIT”. The song and the dance are both dramatically wild and simply watching their performance will make shed a pound or two. Fast paced and super charged, “HIT” choreography leaves SEVENTEEN members completely drained after each performance – but that makes the stage double the thrill to watch!


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