SEVENTEEN’s “HIT” Choreography Is 200% In Sync And Super Satisfying To Watch

Carats can’t keep their eyes off!

SEVENTEEN is having a successful time with their new summer track “HIT” and fans are in love with the catchy bop and its powerful choreography. While the team has always been known and loved for their impeccable performances, SEVENTEEN is being praised more than ever before for their latest lit AF choreography!


The “HIT” choreography is one of the more intense ones that Carats have seen since the team’s debut. As the song is a pumped up and fast-paced one, its dance moves are also supercharged and extremely energetic!


And the way SEVENTEEN members are so in sync throughout the whole choreography is leaving Carats wholesomely satisfied. Either when they’re divided into smaller groups…


… or when they’re moving as one big identity…


… SEVENTEEN is 200% synchronized and this clean-cut unison is simply pleasing to watch.


Fans can’t believe how in-sync the members are – and can’t stop thinking about how much practice must have went into becoming that flawless.


The most incredible thing about SEVENTEEN’s synched choreography is the fact that it is synched among thirteen members. For such a large group to move in unison, especially to a song this fast and with a choreography this extremely hardcore, it is simply mind blowing.


K-Pop fans now can’t keep their eyes off the live music show performances. They’re commenting that SEVENTEEN is iconic for this type of super synchronized and satisfying dance routines.


Watch the full clip below:

Source: THEQOO


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