10 Times THE BOYZ’s Juyeon Hands Were Heart-Flutteringly Huge

His hands are huge!

THE BOYZ‘s Juyeon once felt that his huge hands were an insecurity of his. However, fans have managed to assure him otherwise. Afterall, they can make one’s heart beat faster with how sexy they look. Here’s 10 times Juyeon’s hands displayed their size.

1. With a fan

In comparison to the fan in front of him, Juyeon’s hands were probably twice as huge. Paired with his sweet gaze, who could resist?

| theqoo

2. Another fan event

Man, if this is what fan signs are like, we might be signing up for the next one!

3. Aegyo but make it Juyeon

When the boys were tasked to show off their aegyo, Juyeon didn’t hesitate. His large fists made it even more endearing.

4. That’s an iPhone…

… not a car key! He managed to make the eponymous phone look oversized.

| January, your

5. That’s an iPad pro…

… not an iPad mini. The way he holds it with such ease!

| theqoo

6. When scissors beats stone

The only time scissors would win is when it’s being played by Juyeon.

| theqoo

7. His hand though

His hand is literally twice the size of all the members’.

| Cre.Ker Entertainment

8. Look at those baby hands!

His members don’t stand a chance.

| theqoo

9. His entire face…

… is smaller than his fist.

| @we_the_boyz/Twitter

10. We might kill to be in her place

Look at the difference in their palms.

The conclusion? Juyeon’s hands are possibly the most attractive thing on the planet. Period.

Source: theqoo