These 3 Groups Are The Most Powerful Female Groups In K-Pop According To Data

Who runs the K-Pop world? These girls!

The Korean Business Research Institute published March’s results for brand reputation rankings, letting the world know who the most powerful girl groups are! Their ranking is based on 77,029,078 pieces of data which looked at interaction, media coverage, consumer participation, and community indexes for about 50 girl groups between February 8 and March 9.


1. Red Velvet

Red Velvet leads the pack of most powerful girl groups. They topped the brand reputation rankings with a total score of 6,751,331. They had a participation index of 792,404, a media index of 1,801,656, a communication index of 2,271,626, and a community index of 1,885,645.


The five girls still managed to top the charts even after their brand index fell by 50.86% from February! A source from the Institute also revealed that Irene, Joy, and Yeri’s names were all highly searched during the month.


The group was also associated with the words “happiness,” “beautiful,” and “red.” And the Red Velvet brand had a 61.13% positive analysis. There is no arguing that they have a major hold over K-Pop fans!



TWICE came in second place with a total score of 6,490,381. They had a participation index of 777,172, a media index of 2,023,728, a communication index of 1,722,776, and a community index of 11,716,398.


These nine girls also managed to rank in second place after falling 44.6% from the Institute’s February analysis.


The Institute believes that part of the reason for the fall for the top two groups is due to the large amounts of traffic they received due to the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics. Regardless, these girls have shown they are powerhouses!



MAMAMOO rounded off the top three with a total score of 5,039,036. They had a participation index of 578,680, a media index of 1,501,376, a communication index of 1,556,443, and a community index of 1,402,537.


While both TWICE and Red Velvet decreased in their brand index, MAMAMOO skyrocketed this month. Their brand index increased by 79.27%!


MAMAMOO is also known for being a group with almost no anti-fans! These girls definitely have some major power.