Here Are Some Of The Things BLACKPINK Isn’t Allowed To Do Because Of YG Entertainment

Did you know about these things?

Just like any other agency, YG Entertainment has rules they expect their trainees and artists to live by.


YouTuber KOOKIELIT put together a video of all the things BLACKPINK can’t do because of YG, and we’re sharing some that had us absolutely shooketh!

1. Buying A Car

BLACKPINK endorsing Kia

… Since the members aren’t allowed to drive, I guess it goes without saying that they’re also not allowed to buy cars.


KOOKIELIT explained that they would need direct permission from YG Entertainment.

2. Traveling

BLACKPINK’s Lisa on an airplane

YG doesn’t allow his idols to travel abroad without his permission.


WINNER was actually the group who spilled the tea on their travel ban!

3. Writing and Producing

Rosé hard at work writing

Jennie supposedly wrote lyrics for ‘Stay’ and ‘Solo’ but she’s not credited on the tracks as a writer.


KOOKIELIT notes that Jennie has been very open about her contribution and work writing lyrics, but for some reason, she’s not credited as a writer on any tracks.

Did you know about these three things? There’s actually quite a bit more in her video, so you’ll have to check it out!

Be sure to watch the whole video below for the complete list of things they can’t do: