10 Things You Might Have Missed In BTS’s New “Black Swan” MV

How many of these references did you spot?

BTS just released a new music video for “Black Swan” that’s full of intriguing details. Here are 10 things you might have missed!

1. Blood, Sweat & Swans

If this opening shot of white swan Jimin looks familiar, it could be because…

…of this shot of fallen angel in “Blood, Sweat & Tears” MV.

2. The shadows

In the movie Black Swan, winged shadows appear on the wall behind Nina Sayers after she transforms into her malevolent alter-ego on stage.

Shadows with a mind of their own also appear behind Suga



…and Jungkook.

3. Jimin’s wings

At the height of the “Black Swan” MV, enormous wings unfurl from Jimin’s back while he is dressed in his Black Swan outfit.

This is reminiscent of this Black Swan performance where wings appear on Nina as she is dancing.

4. Jungkook is Suga’s shadow?

Early on in the choreography, Suga reaches for Jungkook‘s hand then switches places with him.

Later on, Suga reaches out a hand to his shadow on the wall, while singing, “Inside, I saw myself, myself.”  Coincidence?

5. Rebel reflections

Jin‘s reflections don’t follow his movements…

…and neither do Nina’s in Black Swan. 

6. The fall

Spoiler alert! After realizing that she did not kill Lily with a glass shard, but rather stabbed herself, Black Swan‘s Nina dances the final act of Swan Lake. When it ends, she attempts to commit suicide by falling off a cliff, but instead, she lands on a hidden mattress.

Jungkook may be referencing her fall in this scene.

Nina succumbed to her shadow, but Jungkook overcame his.

7. The neverending WINGS era

Jimin’s “Black Swan” wings are reminding fans of the wings from “Blood, Sweat & Tears” MV and J-Hope’s “Boy Meets Evil” teaser.

8. The shadow crown

An eagle-eyed fan noticed that the shadows at the end of BTS’s dance resemble a crown when flipped upside down.

9. J-Hope’s mirror dance move from “FAKE LOVE”

10. This heartbreaking reference to the quote from BTS’s “Black Swan” art film

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