10+ Things You Might Have Missed In BTS J-Hope’s “MORE” MV

There was so much to take in!

BTS‘s J-Hope has officially made his solo comeback with the first single, “MORE,” off of his upcoming solo album Jack in the Box.

Although J-Hope previously teased the new edgy vibe in Weverse Magazine and his concept photos, it was still a lot to take in! And ARMYs were absolutely shook.

So, you may have missed a few things. Check out some symbols, scenes, and references you might have overlooked below.

1. There’s even symbolism behind the sound design.

2. While it may be J-Hope’s solo comeback, BTS are still present.

3. This wholesome shoutout to his younger self.

4. There are technically three personas.


5. The cinematic parallels to Fight Club and The Wolf Of Wall Street

6. The lyrics “Take everything like KitKat” has a double meaning. Basically, whatever J-Hope does, he is sure to succeed.

7. He’s not just throwing out obscure references to artists. Spanish artist Salvador Dalí and J-Hope have some things in common.

8. J-Hope is literally “Jack in the Box.”

9. V might have made a cameo…

10. We’re still connected to Hope World.

11. All the lyrics and metaphors are connected too.

12. This is only the beginning.

Watch the MV again to see if there’s anything else we missed!