9 Things You Never Noticed About Stray Kids Felix’s Dancing That Will Convince You He’s A Pro

His skills blow our minds!

As part of Stray Kids‘ dancer line, DancerachaFelix‘s dance skills are something that is known to all fans of the group. In addition to his deep voice, his killer dance moves are always impressive, and have small details that really make it apparent why Felix is a member of the dancer line!

Check out a few things below about Felix’s dancing and stage presence you might not have noticed before!

1. He keeps his feet light as he moves, staying on the balls of his feet.

This allows him to move extremely fast but not sacrifice any precision.

2. His past in taekwondo gives him an advantage when it comes to stunt dancing.

This form of martial arts focused on punching and kicking gives Felix an edge when it comes to dancing that includes stunts or martial arts!

3. He always puts 100% into each dance.

Felix always gives all of himself in each dance, making sure that every performance is his best.

4. His big movements bring something special to the dance and make his moves even more precise!

Felix creates big movements by using his entire body in dance moves.


5. He uses his legs to create different levels in his dancing to make it stand out more!

By lowering and raising himself through certain parts of dances, he makes it look more dynamic.

6. His angles are always on point while he is dancing!

Another thing Felix excels at is creating sharp angles and straight lines with his body.

7. Even messing around, it’s clear how flexible he is while dancing.

Flexibility is an important part of dancing and Felix’s is unmatched!

8. His balance and agility make his turns and spins seem effortless.

Felix is able to do spins quickly and sharply, making them seem effortless

9. His facial expressions are always on point.

Felix is a true performer and always makes sure his facial expressions are fierce.

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