10+ Things You Will Need For BTS’s “BANG BANG CON”

Follow this checklist to prepare for BTS’s concert marathon.

BTS‘s at-home concert marathon is almost here, but there’s still time to prepare for it. Here’s everything you will need for BANG BANG CON this weekend.

1. Choose your venue

Lucky you! You’ve scored free floor tickets. Will you be watching BTS from the floor of your bedroom? Living room? Basement? The choice is yours!

2. Glitchy WiFi? Hey, stob it!

If there’s one thing that ruins a virtual concert, it’s dodgy WiFi. Make sure your modem, router, and device of choice are all in working order, then hope that a random power outage doesn’t happen.

3. Join the fandom, fam

If you are self-isolating with family or friends, invite them to experience BANG BANG CON with you. Household antis need not attend…unless they intend to join the fandom!

4. Dress to impress

So what if you’re not attending BTS’s concerts in person? You can still get dressed up in your favorite BTS-inspired outfit to make the experience more immersive.

Plus, if you’re planning to wear that outfit to the MAP OF THE SOUL tour, you can consider this a dress rehearsal.

5. Practice the fan chants

BANG BANG CON consists of eight concerts and dozens of songs. If you haven’t memorized all the fan chants yet, hurry up! Time’s almost out!

6. ARMY Bomb

On their official Twitter account, BTS released a list of must-haves for BANG BANG CON, and item #1 is the ARMY Bomb. If you have BTS’s lightstick, make sure it has fresh batteries. When you watch BANG BANG CON, your lightstick will link with your smartphone, which can control the lighting effects in real time.

7. Snacks, and lots of them

The next item on BTS’s official list is snacks. In total, BANG BANG CON is 12 hours long, so you will need a lot munchies to keep you full, especially if you’re burning calories by singing and dancing. Actually, you might want to cook a 5-course dinner instead!

8. Go to bed

BTS recommends getting a good night’s sleep to be wide awake for their concerts. Ironically, for some ARMY’s BTS’s concerts are happening in the middle of the night!

9. Catch up on your BTS reading

BTS recommends re-reading The Notes 1 and the Save Me webtoon to immerse yourself in the BTS Universe again.

These concerts are sure to bring up memories of fan theories, and BTS’s past music videos.

10. Tea and honey

If you’re planning to scream-sing along with BTS, be nice to your throat. Sooth it with a mix of tea mixed with honey, and don’t forget to drink lots of water. Hydration is very important at all concerts, including virtual ones.

11. Your dance skills

You could watch BANG BANG CON from the comfort of your couch, or you could get up and dance! At in-person concerts, you only get so much space to dance, but at home you can bust out that choreography you’ve been practicing in quarantine.

12. Prevent post-concert depression by indulging in these fun BTS activities

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