“Are We Third Wheeling?!” — 10+ ARMY Reactions To BTS RM And Jungkook’s Romantic Weverse Date

“Jungkook is living his best Y/N fanfiction life right now.”

On March 14, KST, BTS‘s Jungkook went live yet again with one significant difference — he split it into three different streams with outfit changes to match! During the second stream, RM dropped in to profess his love for Jungkook, turning all the viewers into third wheels for their date!

Here are some of the best reactions to RM and Jungkook’s Weverse date!

1. Yes, yes we are.

Only they could have millions third-wheeling their date.

2. He’s living his best Y/N life.

It’s really like a fanfic.

3. Seriously, we can go…

…but we don’t think they minded having an audience for their date.

4. RM is very relatable.

We love Jungkook, we love RM.

5. Jungkook has always been RM’s number-one fan.

We haven’t forgotten JK!

6. You already lost.


7. The Nerve!

We’d forget everything too, tbh.

8. He caused so much chaos…

…just to leave like that.

9. We are crying too.

*head in hands*

10. Maybe just a little bit.

A tiny bit.

11. We are so glad we are here to see this.

Thank you for going live.

12. When Namjoon is your competition…

…there’s not much you can do!

13. A fight you are sure to lose.

Namjoon has already won!

14. Kicking His Feet And Giggling

It was a dream come true for JK.


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