If You Thought BTS’s J-Hope Couldn’t Be Savage, These 10 Moments Will Prove You Wrong

10 of J-Hope’s sassiest moments to date.

BTS‘s J-Hope has a reputation for being pure sunshine, but the thing about the sun is, it can burn! Here are 10 of J-Hope’s most savage moments yet.

1. When he told the “God of Destruction” not to touch V’s jacket

2. When he threw Jimin’s $20,000 jacket on the floor…

3. …and shot down his dream of being an actor

4. “Don’t worry, I’m not Namjoon.”

J-Hope reassured Jungkook while throwing shade at RM at the same time!

5. When he compared himself to a flower…and Jimin to a rock

6. He called this terrible handwriting “footwriting”

7. When he made fun of Jimin’s height without saying a word

8. When he told RM to be quiet

RM was complimenting J-Hope’s outfit, but J-Hope was too hot to care!

9. When he judged “Dance Monster’s” skills

10. That time he encouraged Suga to steal Rapper V’s moment in the spotlight