If You Thought BTS’s Jungkook Couldn’t Be Savage AF, Here Are 8 Sassy Moments That Prove You Wrong

His answer to what he’ll do if he sees a pretty girl will Jungshook you.

Sure, Suga is known as the “Savage King” in BTS, but the group’s maknae is pretty good at holding his own when it comes to vying for the “savage” title.

Jungkook’s style of savagery is subtle and sweet — you won’t realize he’s being sassy until after he’s done roasting you.

Here are eight hilarious moments when the golden maknae proves he’s good at everything, including being savage AF.

1. Act your age and bring the receipts with you

During a fanmeet, Jungkook told one ARMY that he’s not her oppa. The ARMY replied that he is…

…and so Jungkook jokingly announced that from that moment on, only ARMYs younger than him can call him “oppa”. How will he find out? He’ll check their IDs, of course.

2. His hand gesture is on point

The way he laughed after he gestured the size of Jimin‘s “chili pepper” is way too real.

3. Jimin, where are you?

Look at J-Hope‘s reaction. You can practically hear him thinking, “The audacity of this kid…”

And the way Jimin reacts to his playful bullying is priceless, too.

4. The youngest just really called him out like that

His shout-out is dedicated to their dance director.

Hey, at least he praised him first before laying it all out, right?

5. Even sunshine J-Hope couldn’t help but react

Hoseok asked the group how to draw a horse and Jungkook couldn’t help but say this in response:

6. Where’s the lie, though?

Well, it may not be what Jin wanted to hear, but technically, he is older than Jungkook, so props to him for telling the truth?

7. Age difference, what?

Then again, it doesn’t matter to Jungkook if Jin is older than him — he had the guts to tell this to Jin’s face, after all.

This is the way the oldest hyung and the youngest maknae in the group interact: nothing but pure love, admiration and respect.

8. When you see a pretty girl…

The group was asked what they’ll do when they see a pretty girl, and frankly, Jungkook couldn’t care less.

He sees a pretty boy every time he looks in the mirror, anyway, so what’s the point?


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