A Timeline Of The Scale Of IU’s Concerts Over The Years

We love a queen!

This past weekend was a moment to remember for fans of IU as she held her first in-person concert in three years. IU is a total living legend, selling out at the Seoul Olympic Main Stadium, one of the largest venues in Korea. Let’s take a look at her concerts over the years to see how far she has come!

2012 ‘Real Fantasy’ and 2013 ‘Modern Times’

These two concerts were held at the Kyunghee University Peace Hall, which seated around 4,000 people.

2014 ‘Just One Step…That Much More’

This small theater concert was held at Sogang University Mary Hall Grand Theater which seated around 400 people.


For this concert, it was held at the Olympic Hall which seated 3,000 people.

2016 ’24 Steps’

Her concert in 2016 was held at the SK Handball Stadium and seated 4,500 people.

2017 ‘Palette’

This concert was held at the Jamsil Arena and held 6,000 people.

2018 ‘dlwlrma’

The 2018 dlwlrma concert was held at the KSPO DOME and held 11,000 people.

2019 ‘Love, Poem’

This was held at the KSPO DOME (360 degrees) and seated 14,000 people.

2022 The Golden Hour

And more recently, her 2022 Golden Hour: Under The Orange Sun, was held at the Seoul Olympic Main Stadium and held 40,000~45,000 seats.

No one can deny that she truly is a living legend!

  • “Seeing a list like this gives me chills. Her concert at the main stadium was so good!!”
  • “The 2014 small theater concert happened because she wanted to do it. It will probably be difficult to do a small theater concert again haha.”
  • “I’m so sad I couldn’t go to her concert…I hope I can go next time.”
  • “She is so amazing our Jieun!”
Source: nate pann