5 Times ARMYs Knew BTS Entirely Too Well

ARMYs know the members inside and out!

After being with BTS for so many years, ARMYs have gotten to know the members very well!

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ARMYs are great at predicting what the members will do and guessing what they’re really like.

Here are 5 times ARMYs knew BTS way too well!

1. When ARMYs guessed what one of Jimin’s tattoos said

When fans spotted bandages on Jimin’s arms during performances, they correctly guessed that he had new tattoos! What’s more, they guessed what the tattoos said!

The song “Young Forever” means a lot to Jimin, and fans correctly guessed that he had gotten “young” on one arm and “forever” on the other arm.

2. Jin’s noodle-throwing tendencies

An ARMY joked that Jin would be the type of person to throw pasta at the wall to determine whether it’s cooked or not.

In BTS In the SOOP 2, Jin proved that this ARMY was right!

3. J-Hope’s hard drive full of photos

J-Hope goes all out with his birthday posts for the members, and ARMYs joked that he had a hard drive filled with old photos that he could post on each members’ birthday. As it turned out, they were absolutely right!

4. RM’s Instagram aesthetic

For years, ARMYs were hoping RM would make an Instagram filled with aesthetic, artsy photos.

Their wishes were granted when all of the BTS members opened Instagram accounts earlier this month. As they predicted, RM’s Instagram is filled with gorgeous, artsy photos!

5. Fashion king J-Hope laying his clothes out before he wears them

ARMYs have been joking for years that J-Hope is the type to plan his outfits out and lay them on the bed before he wears them.

In a live stream after a PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE concert, J-Hope showed fans around his hotel room and ARMYs noticed he had an outfit laid out on the bed!

Source: Reddit