3 Times Brands On Twitter Fought Over BTS, Gifting Us Free Entertainment

The range is impeccable.

BTS are no doubt the hottest celebrities in the world right now. Their unmatched star power has made them one of the most sought-after representatives for corporates. Behind the scenes, there is a high chance that brands fight tooth and nail to get BTS to endorse their products. But on some star-crossed occasions, they decide to take the battle to Twitter.

Here are three important brand fights that will go down in purple history as the greatest of all:

1. Snickers VS Butterfingers

This was the battle of brands in the purple land back in 2018. It all started when BTS released the music video for “Fake Love,” where in a scene, J-Hope was seen lying in the middle of a room full of Snickers bars.

Butterfinger’s Twitter account decided to stir things up and congratulated BTS with a shady little tweet, dunking on Snickers in the process.

A few days later, Snickers’ replied to the tweet with equal sass, only to be sassed back by Butterfingers once again.

ARMYs were enjoying every bit of this priceless entertainment, and it looked like Butterfingers loved to have provided the service.

2. Pantene VS TRESemme

The following year, in 2019, hair care brands Pantene and TRESemme started tussling over BTS when the latter congratulated the group for their BBMAs nominations, calling them the brand’s “new hair idols.”

Pantene had previously built somewhat of a rapport with ARMYs after 103.7 KISS FM notified them that the fandom lovingly calls Steve Aoki “Pantene Oppa.” Later, Steve revealed that he received a gift package from the brand, and ARMYs showed both of them loving support.

When someone tagged Pantene under TRESemme’s tweet, they quickly responded with nothing but pure sass.

TRESemme clapped back with a picture that shows a bottle of TRESemme shampoo BTS used, along with a hashtag shoutout to “Team BTreS.”

Pantene tried to dodge the attack, but TRESemme had other plans.


3. The Warriors VS The Titans

This is the most recent beef of brands on ARMY Twitter. On September 27, KST, Suga posted a picture on the group’s Twitter account holding a custom-made jersey of the Golden State Warriors basketball team with his name on it.

The Warriors’ social media accounts reposted the picture, while Golden Guardians, the esports organization owned by the Golden State Warriors, went into full-fledged fan mode.

Vancouver Titans decided to take matters into their own hands. Their Twitter account quoted Suga’s picture with an edit where they turned the jersey green and blue, the official colors of the Titans, stating that it suits him better.

Though the Warriors have not clapped back yet, the Titans are getting pretty territorial about Suga. Not sure if this is about basketball anymore…

But if the past has taught us anything, it is to wait patiently for the other party to come up with a reply that can fuel the fire further. ARMYs, keep your popcorn nearby.


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