7 Times BTS’s Camera Operators Stole The Show

These behind the scenes staff members unexpectedly entered the spotlight.

Sometimes BTS‘s staff members unexpectedly enter the spotlight. Here are 10 scene-stealing moments, featuring camera operators!


1. When this camera director starred in his own movie: Finding Jungkook

In Episode 87, Jungkook ran so far and so fast that his cameraman couldn’t keep up! The cameraman can be heard gasping for air as he chases Jungkook and RM down stairs.


The show’s editors chronicled his whole journey with captions!


2. When this cameraman was mistaken for a zombie…


3. …more than once!

How did this cameraman not burst out laughing? We may never know!


4. When this camera operator saved the day

Jimin might have lost his suitcase in Norway if this cameraman hadn’t found it on a bus!


5. That time RM forgot his glasses

In BTS’s docu-series, Bring The SoulRM brought up his forgetfulness after he finished up an interview. Right after this, RM walked away…


…and left this cameraman comically holding his glasses!


6. When this camera operator gave RM stans what they wanted

At the 2019 Grammys, an Entertainment Tonight camera operator just had to get a closer look at RM…by zooming in like this!


Fans definitely appreciated getting a close up of RM’s handsomeness!


7. When this camerawoman played Jin and V’s love interest

In 2015, things got silly backstage at Show Champion. When the camerawoman called J-Hope over to demonstrate some dance moves, suddenly grabbed the camera, saying, “I thought I told you not to be with strange guys.” 


Suddenly, this camerawoman was a K-Drama heroine!


She went along with everything, letting Jin and V “fight” for her love!


Check out the whole “episode” here: