RM’s Forgetful Moment With A Cameraman Will Make You Facepalm

RM’s “curse” struck again in “Bring The Soul”.

BTS‘s RM is an intellectual, but sometimes he has moments that don’t exactly scream, “genius”.


In addition to breaking everything he touches, RM is cursed with chronic forgetfulness. It’s okay though. It’s not like he forgets important things, like zipping up his pants on national television…


…or bringing his passport on trips.


Oh, wait. Yes, he does!


In the latest episode of BTS’s docu-series, Bring The SoulRM brought up his forgetfulness after he finished up an interview.


As RM walked away, the cameraman told him not to forget his glasses…


…but RM didn’t even notice!


It looks like RM won’t be breaking this ‘curse’ any time soon!