6 Times BTS Cleverly Clapped Back At Inappropriate Behavior And Rude Comments

At that moment, Suga was 100% over it.

From people who have worked with or been friends with the BTS members, they’re said to be some of the humblest and friendliest idols around. Still, there are times when sasaengs (obsessed fans) or professionals treat the group inappropriately or rudely. Here are six times BTS didn’t shy away from giving that same energy back—in the most clever and graceful ways.

1. The Makeup Menace

When BTS attended Variety‘s Hitmakers Brunch in 2019, fans quickly took issue with a clip the media outlet uploaded. As the boys arrived at the event, someone behind the camera repeatedly commented on the group’s makeup and staff members. Before the clip cut off, the person could be heard saying, “Jesus Christ, why is their makeup so…

Although the whole clip was never released and the rude comments were never addressed, it didn’t phase Jin. The very next day, Jin uploaded a set of photos to Twitter to show off his beautiful makeup look.

I got my makeup done and didn’t want to waste it, so I took pictures.

— Jin

2. The Rude Reporter

Although BTS held a press conference to celebrate their album MAP OF THE SOUL : PERSONA, one reporter felt the need to bring up plagiarism accusations for their past tracks “Wings” and “Blood Sweat & Tears”. The members’ faces showed their distaste for the question, with Suga calmly but firmly shutting it down.

In regards to that, our company’s legal team is talking to the photographer. I believe that our official stance will be the same as our company’s.

Our company is currently looking into it, so I’m sure we’ll know when the results come out. Thank you.

— Suga


3. The Stalker Sasaeng

Since sasaengs make it their mission to follow the members everywhere and even resort to invading their personal space, V gave them a taste of their own medicine.


While BTS made their way through the airport, V encountered an issue where a sasaeng was invading his personal space by trying to take photos and videos of him up close. So V took out his phone and did the same by pointing his phone at the sasaeng, which made them immediately back away and cover their face. It turned out to be a clever trick where V left the camera in selfie mode instead of actually recording.

4. The Pushy Host

During the group’s interview on The Ellen Show, host Ellen DeGeneres asked the group if they’d ever “hooked up” with a fan. Rather than answer such a personal and impolite question, RM interpreted it in a different way. He said they were meeting with ARMY right then and there through the live audience.

Ellen DeGeneres didn’t let the question go, insisting that their translator used the words for “hooking up” instead of dating. Although they played it off by laughing, V shut it down with a solid, “No.

5. The Ultimate Flex

Since BTS debuted from a small company, haters always questioned their ability to succeed. Rather than address those comments, Jin did something even better. After winning a Billboard award, he brought it to the airport with him.


Holding the award in his hand where everyone could see it, Jin flexed one of their many accomplishments.

6. More Stalker Sasaengs

Because BTS can never seem to be free from sasaengs, Suga also encountered a problem with them that he smoothly took care of.


When Suga was at the airport and realized sasaengs surrounded him, he did the same thing V did. With his phone in his hand, Suga spun around as he recorded all the sasaengs following him. Thanks to ARMY, some of those sasaengs—including the one who took the video—eventually deleted their accounts and stopped following the boys.