V Used A Neat Trick To Get More Personal Space, And Netizens Are Cursing Him For It

“The girl in green must have felt terrified…”

A “Bootsoonie (붙수니)” is a new term for “fans” who like to get up close and way too personal with their biases. Roughly translating over to a “attacher”, such “Bootsoonie” fans are considered as offensive as “Sasaeng (사생, extreme and often privacy-violating)” fans.

“Bootsoonies” are known to “attach” themselves to harass K-Pop idols at airports, by taking up-close pictures or even making unwanted physical contact like linking arms.


At his most recent airport visit, BTS‘s V came up with a unique way to get these “Bootsoonies” to step away a bit — by turning on the selfie camera, but pretending to capture the fans who are too close to him.

Notice how V aims the camera at a person in green. The camera mode is said to be in selfie mode, but his action suggests he is trying to take a picture of the person in green. She moves away from the camera and V


While the trick seemed to work, as “Bootsoonies” looked away or stepped back, V is receiving a tremendous amount of backlash for no longer appreciating his fans, as well as violating these fans’ privacy.

  • “Why is he taking a picture of the fan? Isn’t that him violating her privacy?”
  • “The girl in green must have felt terrified to have a guy put up a camera in her face like that.”
  • “V, think before you act. I’m so sick of him treating fans like sh*t.”
  • “V is not going to last long with an attitude like this. He’s so stupid.”
  • “Oh, V’s a superstar now. He doesn’t need fans, huh?
  • “If you don’t want people to take your picture, don’t be a celebrity. Quit.”


Most ARMYs believe V did the right thing to protect himself against these so-called fans who “do not know what they are doing is really aggressive and stressful for BTS.” 

  • “Bootsoonies or sasaengs, these stalkers are criminals. What they’re doing to the celebrities is a crime. These celebrities deserve none of their actions and it’s not okay.”

  • “I think it was wise of V. He had no guards around, but already had a couple “Bootsoonies” creep up. As an idol, he did what he could by pretending to take pictures. The best he could do was to pull up the camera in selfie mode. I’m just shocked and disappointed he didn’t have any security around him.”

  • “When a Hollywood celeb flicks off paparazzi, we all think it’s awesome and “girl-crush” worthy. Look what V’s getting though.”

  • “Did V actually take her pictures? Did he post them somewhere? I personally think she deserves to have her face revealed all over the internet. V did a smart thing by shooing them away like that. He was only protecting himself.”

  • “So it’s okay for you to be up in his face taking thousands of unwanted pictures, but it’s a violation of privacy and an attitude issue if he even dares to point the camera your way?”


In addition to constantly making requests for stronger security measures to Big Hit Entertainment, ARMYs have come up with various ways to protect the boy group from such “fans” and the criticism that always follows.

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