14 Times BTS Completely Lost Their Sh*t — Who Can Relate?

We’ve all been there.

From giggle fits to freakouts to temper tantrums, here are 14 hilarious moments when BTS lost their sh*t!

1. When Jimin’s balloon went AWOL

2. When Jungkook lied to V

3. When RM’s NG made Suga slap-happy

4. That time V kicked his shoe because life was unfair

5. When Jungkook threw a tantrum about everybody doodling on his drawing

6. When RM didn’t appreciate Jin’s Christmas present

7. When Jimin did this…

8. …and J-Hope reacted like this

9. When this blindfolded dance turned Jungkook into a giggly mess

10. When this stingray’s tail got too friendly with Jin

11. When sleepy Jimin had enough of the “Tomato Song”

12. When Jin’s old man joke sent RM right over the edge

13. When Jin could not handle J-Hope’s twerking

14. That time Jin messed up the lyrics, J-Hope accidentally kicked V in the head, Suga’s stress levels skyrocketed, and RM overreacted…all within 5 seconds