7 Times BTS’s English Was So Bad That It Made RM Cringe

RM can’t deal with the English of his members.

RM is the only accomplished English speaker in BTS. Although members such as Jungkook have made great strides in their English recently, this wasn’t always the case. These are 7 times that BTS’s English was so bad it made RM visibly cringe.

1. “What is infires?”

RM tried his best to explain to Suga that it was “inspires” not “insfires”.

2. Suga: “He’s like JayZ”

Suga was once again the culprit as he repeatedly exclaimed “He’s like JayZ” after Jin‘s poor attempt at freestyle rapping. RM looked done with the whole situation.

3. V: “I’m god”

In one of RM’s famous English lessons, V admitted to being god in response to being asked: “How are you?”. I don’t think ARMY would disagree with him.

4. J-Hope “Jimin is very no fun”

J-Hope is doing his best to scold Jimin in English, RM is amused by the whole situation. After J-Hope tells Jimin that he is “very no fun”, RM comes out with his iconic line “Jimin, you got no jams”.

5. Worldwide Version

J-Hope and Jin went around telling everyone to only speak English for their “worldwide version” of their behind-the-scenes fancam. RM decided to tease the pair by speaking long English sentences to which J-Hope could only respond “Good”.

6. J-Hope: “I hate snakeu”

BTS’s group interview with SBS Pop Asia was overall a hilarious mess of poor English but the quote that has to take the cake is J-Hope’s “I hate snakeu” line.

7. Every response BTS had to “What food do you like that you can’t get in Korea?”

Every member had an answer to this question and all of them were wrong since all their answers could also be easily obtained in Korea. J-Hope immediately answered with “I love kimchi fried rice” before RM further explained the question. This didn’t stop J-Hope from then blurting out “I love hamburger AND SPRITE”.

Despite RM explaining the question in Korean, V still shouted out “I love Panda Express!”, a common chain restaurant in South Korea much to the chagrin of BTS’s leader.


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