8 Times BTS Forgot To Tell Jimin The Dress Code

Somebody didn’t get the memo!

Sometimes when BTS coordinates outfits, Jimin does his own thing instead. Here are 8 times he didn’t get the “dress to match” memo!

1. Your left or my left?

When BTS took this photo to celebrate their “Hot 100” Billboard chart victory, they wore sashes from left to right. At least, most of them did.

2. Suit? Check. Socks? Nope!

Jimin is the only member not wearing socks in these promotional photos for Samsung Mobile

| @samsungmobile/Twitter

…but he doesn’t need them, right?

| @samsungmobile/Twitter

3. Let’s all wear baggy white tees…

…and let Jimin do his “Black Swan” thang.

This fun dance party went from “Jimin, Suga, and Jin” to “Jimin and his backup dancers”!

4. All black for the AMAs

Jimin went viral as “The Blonde Guy With The Silver Jacket” when he wore this striking outfit to the American Music Awards 

| @AMAs/Twitter

5. Let’s all wear white dress shirts…

…and dance around our midnight prince.

6. The dress code is “formal wear”…or not?

Jimin matched his members’ colours but not their style at BTS’s comeback special for MAP OF THE SOUL: 7.

This fuzzy, purple sweater suited him perfectly!

7. Princes in Pink

Once upon a time, there was a prince named Jimin and a prince named J-Hope, and they decided to wear badass black combat boots to their FESTA photoshoot. The end.

8. Black caps

When BTS arrived home from Finland, VRM, Jungkook, and Suga were wearing matching black hats…

…and Jimin was wearing this.

For more, see how missed the “dress code” memo too.

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