10 Times BTS’s J-Hope Was Fresh Out Of Patience

Even this ball of sunshine has his limits.

BTS‘s J-Hope has 10x more patience than the average human being, but even he has his limits. Here are 10 times J-Hope lost his cool!

1. That time he threw a banana at Jungkook

In Burn The StageJ-Hope brought up an old argument he’d had with Jungkook that took an unexpected turn.

J-Hope’s personality change took Jungkook by surprise.

2. “Hey, there is a camera here. Don’t make me swear.”

If anyone has a talent for testing J-Hope’s patience, it’s the Golden Maknae. J-Hope was ready to spit some choice words when Jungkook compared him to a horse!

3. Just give him the mic already!

J-Hope took matters into his own hands when Jimin held onto this mic for too long.

4. “Stop messing around. Stop it!”

When Jungkook went floating around a pool in his music video outfit, he took ten years off his stylist’s life, and annoyed the heck out of J-Hope.

“I can’t understand him,” J-Hope said.

5. “Everyone. Focus.”

When RM joined in the kids’ games in Episode 97 of Run BTS! it was up to Leader #2 to get everyone (including RM) back on track before things got out of control!

6. Even BTS’s managers drive him crazy sometimes!

7. That time V got on his last nerve

8. When he snatched a hat off Jimin’s head

Jimin and V were in the middle of filming. Did J-Hope care? No. He wanted the hat. Now. 

9. No WiFi? This vacation is over. 

10. “Why are you so bad at this? Seriously!”

Jimin’s intro was not up to J-Hope’s standards, clearly.