8 Times BTS’s J-Hope And MONSTA X’s Hyungwon Were The Best Of Friends

They didn’t want to let each other go.

Though well-known, the friendship between BTS‘s Suga and MONSTA X‘s Kihyun isn’t the only one between the two groups. Going all the way back to the times they trained together, J-Hope and Hyungwon are super close as well. Here are eight times the two couldn’t stay away from each other.

Suga and Kihyun.

1. J-Hope was waiting on Hyungwon at the door.

When MONSTA X came BTS’s way, the group was standing and waiting to greet them as supportive seniors.

J-Hope stood right in the front, ready to be the first one to pat Hyungwon on the back with both of his hands.

2. They’re not afraid to show how close they are.

During one of KCON‘s concert dates, where both of their groups appeared together, Hyungwon and J-Hope found each other on stage.

From their smiles and their arms on each other’s backs, they were happy to be reunited. Upon looking closer, fans noticed something that brought them laughter.

| @Maylily_BTS/Twitter

J-Hope placed his hand right on Hyungwon’s butt, making the way Hyungwon smiled at him even funnier than before.

| @Maylily_BTS/Twitter

3. In the middle of chaos, they can focus on each other.

When every idol gathers on stage at the end of a concert, it can be hard to keep track of everyone.

Even so, Hyungwon and J-Hope always manage to stay by each other’s side and find time for a quick conversation.

While everyone else is partying, like EXO‘s Chen, Baekhyun, and Chanyeol in front of them, all J-Hope and Hyungwon need to laugh and have fun is themselves.

4. They have a one-of-a-kind handshake.

As soon as Hyungwon and J-Hope ran into each other, they couldn’t go without entertaining fans—even for a brief moment.

The exaggerated way Hyungwon lifted J-Hope’s hand was more than enough to make fans laugh at their silliness.

5. Their goodbye came right out of a drama.

When MONSTA X walked by BTS, they couldn’t pass without a greeting between them. Hyungwon went straight for J-Hope, who already had his arms wide open. Even though they have many fun moments, this one was touching from the way they didn’t want to part.

After they finished hugging, J-Hope grabbed onto Hyungwon’s hand. The way their hands slowly slipped out of each other’s was so dramatic that it looked like a sad scene straight out of a drama.

6. Surprise hugs are always welcome.

While J-Hope had been chatting with Suga and RM, he got a welcome surprise from someone behind him.

Right when he saw Hyungwon, a smile brightened his face as they pulled each other in for a hug that warmed fans’ hearts.

7. They make time for each other.

During rehearsals for an event, J-Hope could’ve easily stayed by his members and focused on preparing their stage.

Even if it was for a brief moment, he couldn’t pass up the chance to greet Hyungwon.

8. Taking care of each other is key.

When J-Hope and Hyungwon met up on stage, they showed how much they look after one another.

Although they got into a bit of a battle where they couldn’t stop patting each other on the back, it proved how much they care.

Despite J-Hope and Hyungwon’s friendship not being one of the most talked-about, the Gwangju boys spark joy whenever they’re together.