11 Times BTS’s Jin Was Jump Scared By Everyone And Everything

He’s never safe from scares.

When faced with zombies, spooky rooms, and nearly anything else, Jin isn’t the most courageous BTS member. Here are just 11 of the many times Jin had the living daylights scared out of him!


1. When RM triggered Jin’s “fight or flight” mode

Jin forgot the “virtual” in “virtual reality when RM tried to tell him to be careful!


2. Every time a camera ambushed him


3. When this pink “bunny” attacked


4. When he tried to play it cool at a fan sign


5. When this screaming woman gave him a heart attack

It was all part of a birthday prank!


6. That time an innocent grasshopper probably went deaf


7. Speaking of hearing loss, how about a little fireworks…


8. …or a lot!


9. Let’s face it. “FIRE” just isn’t Jin’s friend…


10. …and neither is Jimin!

He made Jin freakout over thin air.


11. Jin’s just never safe from scares, even while getting his makeup done!