8 Times BTS Mistook Jungkook And Jimin For Each Other

Even with Jimin right in front of him, J-Hope got confused 😆

Between confusing fan sites and their own members, BTS‘s Jimin and Jungkook manage to be mistaken for each other quite often. Even though they don’t look particularly alike, here are eight times the members humorously mixed up the two.

Jungkook and Jimin.

1. Baby Jungkook = Baby Jimin

After Jungkook graduated from high school, the members headed to a restaurant to celebrate. When Jungkook pulled out a throwback photo of him and Jimin from his early high school days, V had one thought when seeing Jimin.

V said, “Jungkook– I mean Jimin. You were really a baby at the time.

2. Jungkook Had Jams

After playing around, Jin did his part to make sure all the members had fun, asking them one by one. Jin pointed his foam hand at Jungkook and said, “Jimin, did you have fun?

Pointing at himself, Jungkook corrected his hyung by saying, “Why are you looking at me?” Jin quickly fixed the slip-up. He instead asked, “Jungkook, did you have fun?

3. Suga’s Wise Words

When the group had a photo shoot and spotted some photos of someone’s back, they couldn’t figure out which member it was. Suga summed up all their confusion when saying, “You can’t tell if it’s Jimin or Jungkook.

4. Knock Knock, Pt. 1

During one of RM‘s live broadcasts, he spotted someone waiting on the other side of the door. Only one member came to mind. He said, “Based on the silhouette, I guess it’s Park Jimin.

It turned out to be the youngest, walking in with a big smile on his face. Jungkook said, “You said it would be Jimin.

5. Same Smell

The members even mix up Jungkook and Jimin by smell. As the group took turns guessing an item and the member who held it, Suga used up two chances to come to one result. He answered, “Jungkook and balsamic sauce.

He was wrong on both counts. The member was Jimin, the flavor being lemon vinegar.

6. JK, Jimin

When J-Hope and Jimin wandered off to have their own personal photo shoot, J-Hope passed the phone to Jimin for a funny moment. Before bursting into laughter over his mistake, J-Hope said, “Okay, JK. I mean…

Although he’s caught himself, Jimin turned right around and began to walk away. When J-Hope called for him to come back, Jimin had one request. He said, “Say you’re sorry.

7. Knock Knock, Pt. 2

During one of Jin’s live broadcasts, he mentioned the famous Inkigayo sandwich, getting mixed up on which particular member loved to eat them up.

He said, “Jungkook…is it Jimin? Jungkook? When we perform on ‘Inkigayo,’ one of us eats three or four sandwiches.

That wasn’t the end of the mixups between the two for that same live broadcast.

When he got up to see which member had come to visit him, he reacted the same way RM did. Jin said, “Let me guess who you are. This sounds like Park Jimin.” Once again, it turned out to be the youngest: Jungkook.

8. Even Jimin Knows

From the many times that BTS mistook them for each other, Jimin is no longer phased by it. Before a round of a game, J-Hope did just that. He said, “Jungkook, chicken. I don’t mean Jungkook.

Jimin was completely unbothered and merely responded, “I know.


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