10 Times BTS Faked Each Other Out With Teeny, Tiny Tricks

These tricks were also too easy to pull off.

BTS are pros at pulling epic pranks, but they’re also great at fooling each other in small ways. Here are 10 times BTS faked each other out with the tiniest of tricks!

1. When Jin repeatedly tapped V on the shoulder…

…and Jungkook got blamed for it

2. When V (nearly) convinced Jin, Jungkook, and J-Hope that he has superhuman hearing

3. When Jin sneakily stole hearts from Jimin in a game

4. That time Suga made Jungkook believe boiled eggs are indestructible

5. When RM looked so done after V took his snack

6. When RM deceived Suga with Jin’s gift…

7. …and Jungkook did the same thing to Jimin

8. …more than once

9. That time J-Hope fooled Jimin into revealing his most ticklish area

10. When Jungkook tricked Jin into saying a word he wasn’t allowed to say in a game