7 Times BTS Didn’t Give A FILA About “Subtle” Product Promotion

They couldn’t have been more obvious about it.

BTS officially endorses everything from cars to ice cream, and these brand ambassadors aren’t subtle about it. Here are 7 times they promoted products in hilariously obvious ways.

| @fila_korea/Twitter.com

1. Who needs a boyfriend when you can have Bodyfriend?

During an audio-only broadcast, RM brought up Bodyfriend massage chairs while giving tips for healthy living.

Jin, aka the king of not-so-subtle product promotion, applauded RM’s efforts.

2. “I’m not lying, it’s really delicious.”

In May, BTS became brand models for Lotte Chilsung in honor of Chilsung Cider’s 70th anniversary. Jin takes his brand ambassador role very seriously…but also not at all.

On Weverse, a fan wrote, “Bangtan oppas were already refreshing, but now they’re even more refreshing with Chilsung Cider. Just seeing them refreshes me.”

In reply, Jin wrote, “I’m not lying, it’s really delicious. Truly. I’ve fulfilled the contract condition of promoting its deliciousness naturally.)”

3. Is this a concert or a Chilsung Cider commercial?

When it comes to name dropping BTS’s endorsed brands, V might be even less subtle about it than Jin is. During BANG BANG CON: THE LIVE, he took a moment to drink Chilsung Cider as if filming a CF for it. Ah, so refreshing!

4. Bored? Have some Baskin Robbins!

When RM posted this selfie…

| RM/Weverse

…V brought up Baskin Robbins ice cream out of nowhere.

When I was recording [the new album].. I thought about how much I want ARMYs to hear it soon. Waiting goes best with with Baskin [Robbins].

— V

5. Bodyfriend: The cure for aching bones

On the same day V advertised Baskin Robbins, he also name dropped several other endorsed brands, including Bodyfriend.

I wondered why my knees were hurting, but it turns out that it’s raining pretty hard..
Ah, my youth.

— V

V had the perfect solution for Jin, “for your knees, Bodyfriend.”

6. Sponsored puns

V’s marketing strategy continued with a parade of puns. In one comment, he punned “FILA” with “pi-la”, meaning “to bloom”.

Oh, the flowers are in bloom, FILA

— V

V also hyped Lemona in the comments for Suga‘s selfie.

“Please, post some words with your picture in the future?” V wrote. “I can’t think of anything creative to write. Your face is Lemona.”

7. Run BTS! Episode 110: Buy A Hyundai

Product placement doesn’t get anymore obvious than this. In Episode 110 of BTS’s variety show, the members went on a treasure hunt at Hyundai Motor Studios.

This product placement paid off big time. After filming ended, V bought himself a new car!

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