10 Times BTS’s Suga Fibbed His Way Through Life

These are the facts, but only according to Suga.

BTS‘s Suga loves to regale his members with historical facts, but some of his “facts” aren’t 100% factual. Here are 10 times Suga gave “speak your truth” a whole new meaning!


1. When he tried to convince the staff that “SUGA” wasn’t a foreign word.


2. When he made up medical facts to suit his needs


3. This food “fact” that fooled Jungkook


4. Compressed muscles


5. Texas is known for what?


6. Bean cake


7. The healthiest food


8. Speaking of food, here’s the history of breakfast


9. When he failed this “honesty challenge” three times in a row

Here it comes…

Lie #1…

…lie #2…

…and lie #3!


10. When he teamed up with Jin to make up a profession