BTS Suga’s “Maginot Line” History Lesson Put Jimin To Sleep

“Professor Min” gave an unexpected history lesson during BTS’s prerecording.

Suga‘s genius mind is full of wisdom and knowledge, but sometimes his members don’t appreciate his “lessons” as much as ARMYs do!


On July 22, BangtanTV uploaded a new “Bangtan Bomb” from BTS‘s prerecording. In it, the members are dressed for “Dionysus”, and hanging out with fans.


While chatting, Suga talked about the origin of “Maginot Line” with RM. The Maginot Line was a line of defensive fortifications built before World War II to protect the eastern border of France. It was massive and impenetrable, but it was also easily outflanked by German invaders who went around it and exploited France’s weaker regions.


Nowadays, “Maginot Line” has become slang. It can mean reaching the limits of how much one can handle, or it can refer to efforts that inspire a false sense of security.


Suga’s random history lesson impressed fans and most of his members, who listened to him intently…


…but it put Jimin to sleep! As Suga talked, Jimin sprawled out like this and pretended to snore.


For more of Professor Min’s lecture, check out the whole video here: