BTS’s V Came To The Rescue For 5 Complete Strangers

When these people needed help, he sprang into action.

BTS‘s has a knack for spotting people in need, whether it’s his members, staff, or perfect strangers. Here are 5 people V came to the rescue for.

1. This distracted reporter

On February 20, BTS arrived at Incheon International Airport in Seoul to fly to New York City. Despite all the noise and flashing cameras, V paid close attention to his surroundings. Just as this reporter was about to walk into a metal pole, V reached out…

…and steered him around it.

Once the reporter was safe, V nodded politely to another reporter and continued on.

2. This fallen woman

On October 9, 2019, BTS arrived at Incheon International Airport to board a flight to Riyadh for a concert. As V made his way through this crowd, a woman fell to the ground.

V stopped to make sure the woman was okay, allowing her time to get up.

He reached out his hands, ready to pitch in if needed, as security guards helped her back to her feet.

3. This little girl

On that same day at the airport, V also noticed a little girl in danger of being swallowed by the crowd. He stopped in his tracks…

…and stayed by the girl’s side until her mother scooped her up into her arms.

4. This unsteady photographer

In 2015, an eager fan lost her footing while photographing BTS. She fell directly in front of V…

…and he immediately helped her get back up.

5. An ARMY’s ailing grandfather

On January 16, a distraught ARMY reached out on Weverse to find a blood donor. Their grandfather was in urgent need of Rh-A type blood.


Everyone please please helpㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ My grandpa, who is an ARMY, is in critical condition. He needs Rh-A blood from the A blood type… We have no [Rh-A blood] in our country, so there have been times when blood was donated from a foreign country. Please, ARMY…….


When V saw the post, he commented on it in Korean and English, asking for ARMY’s help.

Shortly after this, the OP was able to make contact with an Rh-A type blood donor.

For those of you who have the same blood type, please type #bloodtype. Thank you Taehyung. You’ve been a big help.

Thank you very much. The ARMY is here talking to us, and I think the blood will be safely delivered to the grandfather.

Thank you very much and I apologize once again.


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