BTS Are On Their Way To Saudi Arabia For Their “Speak Yourself” Concert

BTS arrived at Incheon Airport ahead of their concert in Riyadh.

Arab ARMY, rejoice! BTS is coming your way! On the night of October 9 (KST), BTS arrived at Incheon International Airport to fly to Riyadh, Saudia Arabia.


This is the first LOVE YOURSELF: Speak Yourself concert since BTS’s Shizuoka, Japan show on July 14, and their first-ever concert in the Middle East.


As usual, BTS were safely escorted through the airport with their managers and security team.


Each member arrived in casual clothes, looking as handsome as ever, even while wearing face masks. J-Hope wore whites and beiges with round spectacles…


..while Suga dressed for the dark side.


Jimin opted for a light sweater, brown pants, and his signature sunglasses.


Worldwide Handsome Jin‘s stunning bare face was on full display, and he wore a stylish button-up and dress pants with a baseball cap.


Long-haired Jungkook enthusiasts will be pleased to know that Jungkook’s hair hasn’t been cut short after all. He wore it slicked back under this cap.


V wore a charming sweater vest with this popular palette pin


…and RM greeted the camera with peace signs. V for victory!


Read their farewell messages here, and watch their arrival below: