J-Hope’s Photo Has Fans Speculating About Jungkook’s Hair

This mysterious photo is generating a buzz.

BTS keeps their comeback looks on lockdown, but a new photo has fans buzzing with excitement — and theories.


On October 7, J-Hope posted this mysterious photo on Weverse. Even with a bag over his head, fans believe they’ve seen through the disguise. Judging by his physique, stance, and clothing, Jungkook is a 99.9% match!


Through these tiny eyeholes, bluish hair can be seen. This led some fans to wonder if Jungkook dyed his hair ahead of BTS’s Saudi Arabia show.


Out of all BTS’s members, Jungkook’s hair colors are the least experimental. Usually, he goes for natural hues, but this cherry-red hair made headlines back in 2018.


Many fans are skeptical about the rumored dye job, pointing out the photo’s filter. In this color-corrected version, Jungkook’s hair looks much less blue.


If this mystery man is indeed Jungkook, this is the first public photo he’s appeared in since BTS arrived home from New Zealand on September 16. Rather than blue hair, could this bag be hiding a haircut?


If so, long-haired Kook enthusiasts may soon be in mourning. Many fans have fallen in love with his long locks, but there’s no denying that Jungkook looks handsome with any hair length!