BTS Is Finally Back From Their Vacation And ARMYs Are Losing Their Minds

The kings are back!

BTS finally had a long overdue vacation starting last August 12. While they definitely had a hard time staying away from their fans, it seems like they won’t need to worry anymore as they’re finally back!

According to Newsen, BTS is leaving Incheon airport for the filming of a reality show overseas.

Big Hit Entertainment released a statement on their break ending.

BTS has ended their break and have left for an international schedule.

– Big Hit Entertainment

Netizens immediately pointed out how the members had some interesting new looks.

ARMYs all over the world absolutely lost their minds at the sudden news.

They were happy to be able to look forward to new content.

BTS may have taken a vacation, but their records sure haven’t!

Watch the full report below:


Source: Newsen