BTS Are Supposed To Be On Vacation, But They Just Can’t Stay Away

They’re still keeping in touch with ARMY.

After six years of living in the public eye, BTS finally has the chance to go incognito, but some members aren’t taking it yet.


When Big Hit Entertainment announced BTS’s break, ARMYs thought they would be facing a BTS-free drought for 2 months. Within the first few days though, they’ve been spoiled with BTS Weverse posts and new content.


So far, V has dropped two self-cams on Twitter: this lipsync video that caused his shirt to sell out


…and this jam session.


Jimin went live with fans for 40 minutes following the Lotte Duty Free Family Concert, and said that he may be back for another broadcast soon.


On August 14, Jimin apologized for not doing the second live…


…but that turned out to be a lie! He hosted his livestream after all and was joined by Jin and RM. Together, they chatted with fans for over an hour about whatever came to their minds.


These members haven’t left for their hometowns yet and are still hanging around their dorm, for now. In this broadcast, Jimin said that he will soon be returning home to Busan to see his friends and family.


There’s no telling if or when BTS will completely remove themselves from the public eye during their break, so fans will just have to enjoy this content while it lasts!


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