5+ Times BTS’s V Looked Smoking Hot In Tight Leather Pants

#4 was made for him!

Not to exaggerate but when BTS‘s V shows up in leather pants, he can make everyone stop and stare. He just looks that good. Plus, the way he styles them is always chic—not to mention he looks incredibly hot!

With that in mind, here are 5+ times V looked amazing in tight leather pants and how he styled them.

1. With A Black Leather Jacket

Here, the “Butter” singer wore leather on leather, and it suited him so well!

2. With A Button Down Shirt

Next, he wore a formal button down shirt over casual leather pants. Some may not think the two pieces would match well, but on him they just do.

3. With A Denim Top

It isn’t every day that V wears a denim top, but when he does, it looks fantastic!

4. With A Bomber Jacket

V channelled his inner bad boy in this performance by wearing a bomber jacket over his fitted pants and inverting his cap. It’s an outfit that looks like it was made for him.

5. With A Long Belt

You could never go wrong with an all-black outfit. To break up the look, he added a winding belt with silver studs.

6. With A Fiery Red Jacket

Last but not the least, V looked drop dead gorgeous in this fiery red jacket, leather pants, and sequined top. It was such a unique and fun outfit!

| W Korea

| W Korea

V isn’t the only BTS member who stuns in leather pants. Check out how maknae Jungkook looks in them here:

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