5 Times BTS’s V Proved Clothing Has No Gender

Here are just a few of the times he’s rocked traditionally ‘feminine’ clothing.

These clothing pieces are all seen as traditionally feminine, but BTS’s V proved fashion has no gender boundaries when he rocked them just as well as the women models—if not better!

1. Fendi dress

Over the years, V has sported several skirts and dresses, looking great in every single one. At the 2019 KBS Gayo Daechukje, he performed in a $2,100 USD red ‘FF’ print dress from Fendi.

This pajama-style shirt dress is from the women’s collection, but that didn’t stop V from looking incredible in it. Many fans remarked that it looked like a traditional South Asian unisex kurta, showing clothing genders are nothing but labels.

2. Chanel jacket

V took to the stage at the 2019 MAMA Awards in an eye-catching red tweed jacket.

The jacket is part of Chanel’s Fall-Winter 2019 collection for women and costs a staggering $6,500 USD. It also has a matching skirt, but V paired it with slim-fitting black pants.

3. Lace undershirt

At the 2018 Golden Disc Awards, V performed in a stunning all-white outfit that made him look purely angelic. Hidden partially behind his shirt was a high-collared lace undershirt.

These days, lace is often seen as feminine. But traditionally, it was worn by all genders, and V shows that there’s no reason a man can’t pull it off today.

4. Chanel cardigan

V has rocked pieces from Chanel’s women’s line on multiple occasions. Another one he pulled off perfectly was this pearl-embellished cardigan.

V wore the cardigan, worth around $900, on Run BTS!. His all black outfit looked so sleek and handsome, you’d never guess the cardigan was made for anyone but V.

5. Pink feather boa

Who says pink isn’t for men? This pink feather boa V wore for “Boy with Luv” fit the theme of the music video perfectly and looked great against his bright blue hair.

Bonus: You may not have noticed given that it’s paired with pants, but V is actually wearing the boa over a $550 USD dress from JACQUEMUS.