7 Times BTS’s Jimin Ignored His Members Just Because He Can

When you’re Jimin, the rules don’t apply.

When you’re as cute and loveable as BTS‘s Jimin, you can get away with just about anything. Here are 7 times he teased his members by pretending they were invisible.

1. When he paid no attention to Jungkook’s “heart”

Jungkook was very proud of the heart he made with his hair, but Jimin had no interest in seeing in.

It took Jungkook several tries to get Jimin’s attention, and when he did, his reaction was priceless.

2. When he made it clear who his favorite hyung is…not

Jimin hugged Jin for a millisecond before ditching him for his favorite hyung


3. Do you hear something?

When said “goodnight” to Jimin at an award show, Jimin pretended not to hear him. Instead, Jimin waved at the stage. V was this close to hitting him!

4. When he rejected RM in front of ARMY

Who wants to bet that RM will win a GRAMMY before he wins a handshake? When Jimin didn’t shake his hand, RM just gave him a thumbs up and moved on. He’s used to it.

5. When cake was the only thing that mattered

At RM’s birthday party, there was a moment when Jimin gave all his attention to ARMY and RM’s cake. The chaos behind him was of no consequence.

6. That time he answered “no” to V’s “Yes or Yes”

V wanted Jimin to do this TWICE dance with him…

…but it didn’t work out.

7. When he broke this “Promise”

RM held up the hand sign for a promise specifically for Jimin, but Jimin pretended he was invisible.

Jimin isn’t the only member who likes to play the “you’re invisible to me” game. Check Suga’s moments here, and Jungkook’s moments below.

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