8 Times BTS’s Suga Ignored His Members Just Because He Can

He pretended they were invisible.

Suga loves his BTS members. They’re his friends and his family, but sometimes he just wants them to go away. Here are 8 hilarious moments when Suga pretended they were invisible.

1. Question: What sounds does a cow make while laughing? Answer: Suga doesn’t care.

Suga completely ignored Jin‘s joke when BTS went out to dinner. Who cares about cows when there’s mackerel pike on the table?

2. RM isn’t the only king of rejected handshakes

Poor Jin. He patiently waited for Suga’s handshake, only to be rejected in front of thousands of ARMYs. The lyrics “waiting for you Anpanpan” hit differently now.

3. Smile for the camera! Or, you know, don’t…

Jimin tried so hard to convince Suga to take a photo with him, but Suga wasn’t interested.

After getting ignored, Jimin tugged Jin into the frame instead.

4. No teamwork, no dream work

When Jimin counted out “one, two” to saying “let’s not go overboard” in unison with Suga, Suga purposely looked away, in silence. Jimin couldn’t have been more offended!

5. So much for SOPE

When J-Hope went in for a high-five, Suga thought about it for a second then decided to go solo.

6. No eye contact for Jimin

Suga ignored Jimin yet again when Jimin tried to get his attention during BTS’s “Spring Day” performance for YouTube‘s virtual graduation ceremony.

This isn’t much of a surprise though. According to the members, Suga has hilariously poor eye contact skills, and they love to tease him about it.

7. “Fighting!”

cheered Suga on by shouting, “fighting!”, but Suga just walked away while brushing his teeth. “Hygiene” comes before “V” in the alphabet, and in life too, apparently.

8. No love for Jungkook

Jungkook told Suga he loves him not once, but twice, but Suga was totally deaf to his affection. It’s okay though. Fans know how he really feels!